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Century 21 Systems Communications Limited, a Publishing, Production, Public relations and Communications outfit with a specialty in ensuring quality information delivery and promoting brand experiences.


Century 21 Systems Communications Limited, has for 25 years consistently and on a monthly basis published Construction & Engineering Digest Magazine (CED Magazine), the influential brand dedicated to covering events, policies, professionals, corporate bodies, business stories and the foreign and domestic markets shaping Nigerian Built Environment sector.


Focused on delivering accurate and inclusive reports on the seven legs of the built environment in Nigeria, CED Magazine promises to continuously report and analyze Nigeria’s infrastructural development, promoting developmental activities and sharing information centered on the built environment in Nigeria, Africa and the world as relates to Africa. Our experience in covering and promoting business and enterprises in the built environment in Nigeria remains our strength in this industry.


It is due to her experience in promoting relationships and highlighting topical issues and proffering solution to some of the challenges in the built environment economy that Century 21 Systems Communications Limited is positioned to create a theme to encourage direct and indirect marketing and foster new and existing business to business relationships.


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Get in Touch

Century 21 Systems Communications Ltd
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